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Building of the main location for Harper Engineering Co. in Renton, WA

When founding his company, Mr. OJ Harper had a vision to address technical challenges in aircraft interiors. Since then we have evolved into a leading producer of mechanically engineered devices for aircraft interiors. With a range of aircraft-certified products such as stowage bin latches, ceiling latches, door locks, oxygen bottle brackets, and seat track fittings, we have expanded into polymer composites, manufacturing certified products from reinforced thermoplastics.Our dedicated leadership, innovative culture, and vertical integration enable us to solve our customer’s needs by designing, testing, certifying, and manufacturing products in extremely short time-frames. As an employee-owned company, Harper Engineering Co. is committed to resolving the most intricate technical problems faced by our customers. We prioritize the consistent delivery of flawless parts on time and maintain a steadfast commitment to leadership within the aerospace industry.

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