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Composites site manufacturing continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastics (CFRTP) designed and manufactured by Harper Engineering Co.

Having delivered over 100,000 composite assemblies, Harper Engineering Co. possesses the expertise and resources to manufacture durable and lightweight reinforced composite products. Our capabilities in thermoplastic composites encompass a wide range of polymers, including semi-crystalline and amorphous types, along with various reinforcements such as fiberglass, aramid, and carbon. Our company employs proprietary bonding technology to incorporate elastomer and metallic elements into innovative solutions. We have actively participated in international consortiums focused on advancing composite materials and processes, maintaining regular connections with composite professionals worldwide. Recognizing the challenges associated with procuring tooling for composite projects, we have made the strategic decision to incorporate tooling design and fabrication capabilities within our composite facility. This enables us to swiftly navigate the development phase of projects and implement solutions for our customers more efficiently than conventional methods allow.